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I Will Be Your Social Media Manager

I will manage your Social Media Platforms, I will handle all your needs and schedule posts via Hootsuite (which I will set up) which is relevant to your business. I can also include photos in the posts and hashtags.

Posts will be custom to your business, product, and brand identity.

It’s time for you to reach your target audience and acquire new customers!

The Social Media Platforms I use are:





Google My Business

Here is What you will get

Creative Content (Custom Brand Related Graphics and Colors)

Hashtags Research (Brand related and trending)

Engaging Captions (text with each post)

Brand Pages (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business)

Gathering stock images and visual contents for posts

Scheduling or Posting

Facebook Twitter Covers (Free in Monthly Gig)

Optimize company pages to increase the visibility of the company

Social media pages problem solving (fix Page settings, website linking, About section, and more)

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